A Just Adventure: Travel With Us to Guatemala

A Just Adventure: Travel With Us to Guatemala

Travel With Us

Have you heard? You are invited to travel with us to Guatemala this coming April 13-20, 2024. We are so pumped to finally be able to offer you the opportunity to come experience this country and culture that we love so much. We believe that experience is the best teacher. It changes minds, alters decisions, and creates cohesive action, which is exactly what we are inviting you into with a Bold Voyage.

What Is a Bold Voyage?

A bold voyage is definitely not your average vacation; it is a journey of courageous exploration-It's not a mission trip, or even volunteerism, it is so much more. It's a disruptive, group travel experience that changes lives and transforms communities. Designed in partnership with our sister company, A Just Adventure, we curate deeply immersive transformational travel experience that dare you to step outside your comfort zone. We call these Bold Voyages, and they harness the power of travel and experience to create opportunity for self-reflection, learning, and advocacy.  Our personalized itineraries will push you into the uncomfortable, deepening your understanding of self, and expanding the way you see and interact with the world.

Brace yourself for an adventure that goes beyond sightseeing, where every moment is an opportunity to engage authentically and create positive change.

Who is it for?

A bold voyage is for women who are eager to explore the world while making a difference. Whether you're a modern Christian woman seeking a meaningful experience or anyone with a passion for adventure and empowerment, a bold voyage is for you.

Open to women ages 16 and up when accompanied by a legal guardian. Bold Voyages are designed to accommodate various age groups and backgrounds. They are not just for seasoned travelers; they are for women who have always wanted to break free from their comfort zones. They are for the first-time traveler who's been dreaming of spreading their wings, and for the scared traveler who's ready to conquer those fears. No matter where you're starting from, we believe in you, and together, we're going to travel to change, not of place, but of ideas. (Hippolyte Taine)

What Can You Expect?

When you join a Bold Voyage, you can expect:

  • Immersive Cultural Experiences: We dive deep into local cultures, allowing you to connect with people, traditions, and crafts that you won't find on traditional tourist routes.
  • Inspiring Local Encounters: You'll have the opportunity to learn from and engage with inspiring local women and or organizations who are making a difference in their communities. Of course, TK Collective is on that list.  
  • Adventure with Impact: Our trips blend adventure, education, and advocacy, ensuring you have thrilling experiences while learning about and contributing to positive change.
  • Community & Connection: Lifelong friendships often form as you bond with like-minded individuals who share your passion for empowerment and adventure.

Where Can I Sign Up & What Does It Cost?

We are finalizing itinerary, pricing, and deposit information right now, and hope to make it available to you very soon. We understand you're eager to embark on this adventure and want to ensure you're among the first to know when the information does become available. In order to ensure you stay informed and receive updates, please SUBSCRIBE to our interest list today! It's your direct ticket to getting all the details straight to your inbox as soon as they are released.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us at talithakoum@yahoo.com and we'll be thrilled to hear from you.

Stay bold, stay adventurous, and let's travel and change the world together!


P.S. Share the news with your friends and family so they can join the adventure too!



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