What Is An Artisan And Why Are They Important?

What Is An Artisan And Why Are They Important?

What Is An Artisan?

In a culture filled with automated business and mass production, individuals have turned from creator to consumer.  It appears we have lost touch with the part of societal advancement that includes real people, "MAKING" something of the world around them, and instead have relegated that activity to big machines. What used to be common place now needs to be defined because words like artisan, maker, and handmade are tossed around so frivolously, that they have become watered down buzzwords that do little justice to the real value of their meaning.

You would have to do little more than stroll through the grocery store, where a walk down any aisle will prove this true. Pizza, soft drinks, frozen food, packaged food, and even some produce have had the "artisan" label slapped on with a promise of originality. A word, that once described a talented crafts person, or trade worker, has been co-opted and used as a marketing ploy in just about every single line of business, but, contrary to popular belief "artisan" is not a Label!

Artisans are makers. They are creative individuals utilizing traditional crafts and trade work to advance and preserve culture, while earning an income and sustaining their livelihoods. 

Why Are They Important?

As a company built on and for the creative capacities of individuals around the world,  we want to make sure you understand the importance of artisanry and how your support of our business helps carry forth the inherent value of artisan made goods, while simultaneously empowering women and communities around the world. The following list is a few of the more pertinent attributes of artisans and the value of their creations. 

* First, we were created to create. God has gifted each person with creative capacities that when utilized build up culture and community. Societies advance on the talents and creative gifts of individuals, and should thus be encouraged and celebrated.  

* Although artisanry is a specialty market in the West, it is the second largest employment sector behind agriculture, in the developing world. Responsible for 65% of handcrafted exports around the world. That is a big industry,  providing sustainable employment opportunities for some of the worlds most vulnerable populations. 

* With the majority of artisans residing in the poorest regions of the world, this form of entrepreneurship is widely acknowledged as a driving force for poverty reduction and economic development.  

That is why, when you use your purchasing power to shop artisan made goods, you are empowering individuals, families, and communities to RISE UP and overcome the burden of poverty and oppression through dignified employment.

Additionally, you are helping to preserve and expand culture by investing in a form of economic development that has deep meaning, and potential. One that is born from, and is intimately connected to the uniqueness of people and  places.  

Here at TK Collective we believe in the potential of artisans, makers, and world shakers to impact the world in a big way. We would love for you to join forces with us, as we educate and encourage the support of artisans and artisan made goods.  You can do so by BUYING THE CHANGE with TK Collective, and then sharing your artisan made purchases on your social media using the hashtag #tkworldwide. 

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