Never Easy: Always Good Part 4

Chapter 4

Where We are going


The last 3 years have been a wild ride to say the least, but we are looking forward to the future with lots of excitement. We are firm believers that even if your actions lead you to failure, failure is what ultimately leads you to success. This journey has brought lots of failure, but our willingness to continue taking action, even baby steps, has led us to where we are today.

When we first signed on with Mission Quest 3 years ago, we were headed to Guatemala long term to build a gospel centered vocational training school.  The purpose of the school was to equip and empower high-capacity change makers to leverage their gifts and talents for the good of people and the glory of God. This is still our mission, but how we apply it today looks very different from when we first started. We are moving into the future with lots of vision and are excited to share some big changes that are coming, but before we do, we want to give you a brief overview of our structure and how we operate.

We operate as a hybrid model. This means that we have both a for-profit arm, and a non-profit arm. They run parallel, working in unison toward the accomplishment of our mission, with each entity holding specific goals towards our vision. While we are building both simultaneously, as solopreneurs, we are usually leading with one or the other. We always have an eye on our mission, but which one we lead with is based upon where we are and what our goals are as an organization at any given time. When we first began, we had a heavy focus on our non-profit arm, and then in our waiting season for reasons previously shared, we pivoted and lead with the for-profit arm, which is where we have been for the last few years. In this coming season of change, we will be pivoting back and directing the majority of our attention to the non-profit arm.



  1. We bought a Class A motorhome that will be the future mobile home for TK Collective’s retail arm. If you have been with us for a while, you probably remember the big white van, we bought that we lovingly called, “Big Bertha”. Well, we sold Big Bertha and put that money, plus quite a bit more into buying Georgie Boy! We have big plans for Georgie Boy. Jose just finished painting Georgie with the future store in mind, and eventually we will gut it, and turn it into a one stop shop for purpose-driven global artisan goods. Until then, next month, we are moving into it to prepare for what’s coming, which leads to the next big change.  


  1. We Are Moving! Not just into Georgie Boy, but we are leaving the country for 6 to 9 months mid-January. What once was a long-term move, has turned into a much shorter scouting trip. Our hope is that eventually we will be established enough here in the U.S. to spend longer periods of time outside of the country, but for now, this trip is crucial to the continued development of our organization. As we previously alluded to, we are no longer working just in Guatemala. God has opened the door for partnerships in other regions of the world and we will be using this time to explore what they might look like moving forward.  Our plan is to spend 2-3 months, depending on resources, in each of the following countries, Guatemala, Ghana, and Vietnam, with the 3 primary goals of.
    1. Building relationships. Everything we do at TK is born out of relationship. This has been one of our biggest struggles in the waiting. The communities we work in are relational and trust based, both of which have been hard to build from far away.
    2. Observing what God is already doing and focusing in on what role TK Collective will play there.
    3. Developing new partnerships. Holistic transformation happens in the context of long-term relationships, which is why we are careful how, and who we choose to partner with. We will use this time to visit artisan workshops, see production processes, and develop partnerships with local leaders.

We have lots of vision and some very big opportunities in front of us, unfortunately, we have a limited number of resources. This means that we have to scale back in some areas in order to make advances in others. To maximize our time and resources we will be closing down our website.

  1. Yes, that means that we are closing down TK’s retail arm for the foreseeable future. This closure is not forever. It will allow us the necessary time and space to create some new partnerships and strengthen some existing ones, and when we eventually reopen, it will be in Georgie, our new mobile storefront. Whoop, whoop!
  2. We Are Having A Close-Out Sale! This sale is the first of 5 fundraising events, taking place over the next 5 months, all of which are part of a campaign we are calling, “It’s getting real.” All the profits from each of these will be going towards helping fund this trip. When we reopen in the future, it will be with the grand opening of our new mobile storefront.  

Whew! That was a lot, and the crazy part is, there is more change coming, however, we are keeping the rest close to home until the details are solidified. You can keep up with these changes and more on our Instagram where, in the absence of our retail arm, we will focus less on selling and more on educating, advocating, and inspiring change in the world. 

Thank you for taking this journey with us, we are excited about the future and will leave you with this poem. 

It's Getting Real Poem

Intrepid Explorers 

Time to pack (Again)

Sacrifice though it be


Guatemala, Ghana, & Prayerfully Vietnam

Entreprenurial Endeavors

That transform live and communities

To the glory of God

Inviting you to join us

Never think of your contribution as small

Growing into our future


Realizing relationships

Establishing artisan partnerships

Activating changemakers

Leveraging local leadership


-It’s Getting Real














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