Our Story

We are Jose & Rhea, founders of TK Collective.……We are a husband-and-wife duo that are just crazy enough to believe that we can start a movement that will change the world. We are loud, spicy, and colorful, and we love travel, Jesus, and justice. 
After years of following our love of travel around the world we began to see a similar pattern emerge, beautiful landscapes and some of the world's most resilient and creative women shouldering immense burdens against a backdrop of extreme poverty and oppression.

The disparity moved us to action. We could no longer turn a blind eye to the fact that there remain places where people, especially women, lack life’s most basic opportunities. We are talking about the opportunity for mere survival; to provide for oneself, to be educated, to know their creator, to read, to receive healthcare, and to eat consistent meals. 

This is why we founded TK Collective: A community of artisans, brands, and changemakers that are committed to empowering women to rise up, utilizing their gifts, passions, and privilege for the good of people and the Glory of God.

Talitha Koum!