Q. Where does your product come from?

A. We currently have two avenues of product sourcing. First, we connect with and collaborate with indigenous artisans to create our own line of products that are designed by, and exclusive to TK Collective. The second way we source product is through purchasing wholesale from other fair trade/ethically made artisan businesses working in various regions of the world. 

Q. How do you find these artisans, and artisan businesses? 

A. It all boils down to relationship. Whether that is with our own artisans, or the other companies that we partner with, relationship is at the heart of all that we do. We have spent a lot of time traveling and building relationship with our artisans and other like minded companies. As we speak, we my family is preparing to move to Guatemala in order to deepen the relationships and to expand the work we are already doing.

Q. You say you are a double impact company, what does that mean, and portion of my purchase do actually give back?

A. Double impact means, that when you shop with us you are not only helping to provide ethical and sustainable employment for vulnerable women and their communities in developing countries, but we also use a portion of our profits to help fund life changing programs for the communities where we work. Currently that looks like funding a feeding program that reaches out to some of the most vulnerable members of the community. 

Q. How is the product made? 

A. Everything we sell is made by hand, with a conscious effort towards ethical and sustainable development. It begins with our one of a kind designs that are inspired by and then sketched out by our founder, who then collaborates with our artisan partners to solidify the design, and colorway of each item. 

Q. Your products are a little pricey.  Are they really worth that much? 

A. We understand our products will not be for everyone, with that being said they are very much worth it. Our artisans are skilled craftsman that work very hard to create one of a kind pieces that are not only beautiful, but have innate meaning and purpose tied up in their value.  There are a number of factors that go into our pricing structure and we have written an entire journal entry that we would love for you read, in an effort to help you feel confident in deciding if our products will meet your needs.  You can find it here