Our Mission & Values

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TK Collective is a missional lifestyle brand that is empowering women to Rise Up, utilizing their God-given gifts to create opportunities for themselves and others. We do this through micro-enterprise development, capacity building, sustainable leadership, and creative community. 

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We don’t want to be like everybody else. The human experience is beautiful and hard, and we want to make sure that we are showing up as our full selves, celebrating our uniqueness and transparently displaying our weaknesses. Authenticity is not only where we find individual freedom to rest in who and how God created us but it frees those around us to do the same.

-Be Different-

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Creativity is a gift from God given to each one of us that when utilized becomes our unique way to engage the world for the good of people and the Glory of God. We are inspired and propelled by the diversity of creative expression in the world and want to elevate the creative capacities of individuals at every level of our organization, from our artisans to our customers and everyone in between.

-We were created to create-



We love people and they are at the heart of all that we do. We are better together and believe deeply in the value of community. Whether
with our friends, artisan partners, customers, donors, or our investors we are committed to intentionally investing time, energy, and attention into the building and sustaining of life-giving relationships.

-We are better together-

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We understand freedom to be intricately tied to justice, which is why we want to live as free
people ourselves, but not in a way that uses our freedom as a cover-up for self-indulgence
and evil (1 Peter 2:16) but rather to serve one another humbly in love. (Gal.5:13) This is our hearts desire; to live freely and abundantly while loving our neighbors as ourselves.

-Serve one another in

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Everything we do is born out of our faith. We love Jesus and believe His word sparks hope and life in dead places. For this reason, we desire to be vessels of God’s grace and goodness wherever our feet may go. This doesn’t look like “saving” people because Lord knows that is not our job. It does look like loving God and loving people with everything that we are. Allowing His Spirit to work in and through us for His glory and the good of humanity.

 -Love God, Love Others-