Experiential learning trips and transformational travel experiences for the bold voyager.

Embark on a journey of courageous exploration with a TK Trip. Together, with our sister company, Just Adventures, we curate deeply immersive transformational travel experiences that dare you to step outside your comfort zone. Our trips are meticulously crafted to blend cultural and historical learning, ethical volunteerism, and personal discovery. Brace yourself for an adventure that goes beyond sightseeing, where every moment is an opportunity to engage authentically and create positive change.

Travel to change, not of place, but of ideas.

We are excited to bridge the gap between here and there. Bringing our customers and our donors along on a journey-introducing them to
memorable places and meaningful causes across the globe that we hope will inspire personal change and activates awareness for a more a just and equitable world.

Upcoming Trips

All Girls Trip Guatemala

March 16th-23, 2024-Info and Sign Ups Coming Soon

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"If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion, and avoid the people you might better stay at home." - James Michener