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TK Collective

She Is: Womanhood Spring 2022 Box

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She Is: Womanhood is a lifestyle box that empowers women around the world by connecting their resources and capacities in mutually transformative ways. 

One of the greatest problems facing women is that we forget this. We have lost sight of who we are and where we come from, and we are not working together to change our future. But what if we did? What if when a woman stood up for herself, she was really standing for all women? 

That is what this box is all about, empowering women. That is why every quarter we take great care to curate a box around a quality of womanhood that will not only empower your disenfranchised sister with dignified work, but it will inspire you to a life lived on purpose. 

Every box includes 3 cause-driven items handmade by women around the world, a maker info card, a personalized note around the quarters attribute of womanhood and a sticker that you can use to remind yourself to live out that quality of womanhood.